The Canonization of Ibn Mâjah: Authenticity vs. Utility in the Formation of the Sunni Ḥadîth Cano

Summary:   In Sunni Islam, the canonical ‘Six Books’ of hadith derive their authority as doctrinal references from...


IS THE DEVIL IN THE DETAILS? Tension Between Minimalism and Comprehensiveness in the Shariah

Summary: The comprehensiveness of Islamic law has been questioned seriously in the modern period by Muslim reformists like...

Jonathan Brown and Abdur-Rahman Abou Almajd in dialog about how should the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) be introduced to the west?   Q: Muhammad:...

Interview on CBC Egypt
Sana Young Man with Jambiyya
shiraz mulla sadra madrase
Sulaymaniye Interior

Sulaymaniye Interior

Terraced Fields from Taez to Sana